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We’re excited to have on-line registration!


This system will allow the club and users to easily create detailed account statements, issue invoices for various things and view charges, payments and balances, etc.  You will still be able to choose the payment method of your choice but the office will no longer have your credit card information to process payments.  Our preferred method is via e-transfer to If you choose to make payments with your credit card, you will have to log into your account. 


Please create an account on our website. Instructions are below.  Some of you may already have one if your child was previously in the recreational program prior to entering the developmental/competitive side.  This is very easy to do.  We ask that you have this account created no later than August 28th.  We will then place your child into the appropriate group. 




If you have one already, please do not make a new account profile. Use your current one to register. If you have forgotten your password, or cannot access your account profile, please contact the ALTA Office for assistance at (902) 453-2582.

Registration can be done by going to the parent login link and logging into your account.  To make payments online, you will need to pay with either Master Card or Visa, as Visa Debit cards do not work. If you are paying by cheque, debit, cash, or using a credit, you will need to come into the office.  You may also send an e-transfer to  Please make the password gymnastics. You are still able to make payments by credit card in the office.  



  • Use Google Chrome or Firefox (Not Internet Explorer)

  • Use a personal computer (Not a handheld device)


After you have completed your profile, we will then add your child to the appropriate class.  You will receive an email once this has happened.


Please contact the office (for registration/administration) or your child’s coach if you have any questions.  If you need to contact your child’s coach, please use the email addresses in the chart below or call the ALTA office (453-2582). Please respect the privacy of the coaches and refrain from calling on their personal phones.

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