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Halifax ALTA Gymnastics Club was founded in 1991 when Keiji Yamanaka, Tak Kikuchi, and Carleen Cavanagh merged the two clubs NovaGold/Tumblebugs and Maritime Academy together. After 6 years at the South Street Gorsebrook gym, ALTA moved into our current building in 1997.

The name ALTA comes from the "Altius" (meaning "higher") part of the Olympic motto "Citius, Altius, Fortius" (faster, higher, stronger). Our motto has been inspiring our gymnasts to reach higher and achieve their fullest potential for 25 years.

Our Leadership

Office Manager

Amy Schubert

Vice President

Keri Hardman

Competitive Head Coach

Ted Higney 

Competitive Coordinator

Sherry Watters

High Performance Head Coach

David Kikuchi

Recreational Program Director

Carleen Cavanagh


Jeff Mitchell

Assistant Head Coach - MAG

Ian Downie

Kristen Mercer

Developmental Coordinator

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