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Competitive Parent and Gymnast Policies

  • Cancelled practices are not made up. This includes cancellations for holidays, competitions, and weather. Please see the next page for known cancellations.


  • If a practice is missed for personal reasons or illness, that practice will not be made up.

  • Snow days will be communicated via email. Please check your email regularly on days with inclement weather.


  • If a gymnast is going to miss an extended amount of practice, (i.e. more than one day in a row), the parent should let their personal coach or the team head coach know.

  • Gymnasts should arrive to practice and competitions in proper attire. This includes no jewelry, proper undergarments and workout attire, and hair done in an acceptable way (tidy, out of face, not a distraction).


  • Parents and gymnasts must arrive to competitions at least 15 minutes prior the general warm-up.


  • Gymnasts should not use cell phones on the competition floor. Anyone seen using their device for anything other than a recording device during a competition will have their device taken away from them for the remainder of the competition.


  • Gymnasts should bring healthy snacks for break.


  • If a parent chooses to stay and watch training, they will not distract either the gymnast or the coaches during training hours.


  • Parents will not enter the floor during competition, or attempt to contact their gymnast during competition.


  • Floor routines for competitive girls will be done at the discretion of the coaches. Each routine is generally kept for 2-3 years. Some of the gymnasts may use routines previously designed by another gymnast. New routines will be determined by the coaches and taught outside of scheduled gym time. The cost of a floor routine will vary, depending on the choreographer, routine, and gymnast themselves.


  • Parents should supply positive reinforcement as much as possible. If you have a concern about your child’s training, please make an appointment to speak with their coach about it.


  • Parents should not contact GNS, or any GNS staff. All contact with GNS staff should happen through Alta coaches and staff.


  • If you need to contact your child’s coach, please use the email addresses on your child's competitive registration forms, or call the ALTA office (453-2582). Please respect the privacy of the coaches and refrain from calling on their personal phones.

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