*** Please read all of the information below before registering ***

Registration Dates

Online registration is open for CURRENT MEMBERS ONLY* (with the early member price) from Monday, March 23th at 2:00pm until Monday, March 30th at 2:00pm. After March 30th at 2pm, current members will still be able to register but the early member price will no longer be available. To be eligible for the special pricing, the children you are registering need to be current members and you will need to log in and register with your current account. If you create a new account, the system will not recognize you as a current member and you will not be able to register. Please check that you can log in before Monday, March 23rd. Online registration is the most efficient method of registering and your best chance at getting the camps you want!


Online registration is open to the GENERAL PUBLIC on Wednesday, April 1st at 2pm. 

In office registration FOR CURRENT MEMBERS can be done on the following dates:

Monday, March 23rd: 2pm - 7pm

Wednesday, March 25th : 2pm - 7pm

In office registration for the GENERAL PUBLIC can be done on the following dates:

          Wednesday, April 1st: 2pm - 7pm

          Friday, April 3rd: 2pm - 6pm

*current members include everyone that was registered and completed a session at ALTA between September 2019 and June 2020



Half Day Camps: $180.00 ($160 for Current Members that register by March 30th at 2pm)

Full Day Camps: $370.00 ($350 for Current Members that register by March 30th at 2pm)

Fees need to be paid in full, upfront, in order to be registered in a camp.

Cancellation Policy


There is a cancellation fee of $25.00 per child, per week, for cancellations made more than one week prior to the camp start date. We do not offer refunds for cancellations less than one week before the camp begins.

How to Register

Please try to log into your account before your registration day to avoid any login issues the day of registration.

If you have an account already, please do not create a new account profile. Use your current one to register. If you have forgotten your password, or cannot access your account profile, please try the "forgot password" link or contact the ALTA office for assistance (902-453-2582).

Registration can be done by going to the parent login link and logging in to your account. To register online, you will need to pay with either Mastercard or Visa. Visa debit cards do not work.

If you are paying by cheque, debit, cash or using a credit, you will need to come into the office to register. We will not be taking any registration over the phone on the first day of registration. ​

Important Registration Tips

  • Use Google Chrome or Firefox (Not Internet Explorer)

  • Use a personal computer (Not a hand held device)

  • If you do not receive a payment receipt email and class confirmation email stating that your child is active in the class, your registration was not completed and your child has not been registered in the camp. In rare cases, you may not be required to make a payment.That means that your registration hasn't gone through and you are on the waitlist (regardless of the confirmation email). If you are unsure, you can click on the “enrollments” link on the left hand side of your account and you will see a list of all of your current and future enrollments. Please double check your class confirmation email to make sure that your child has been registered in the correct camp (age, day and time) and that your child is "active" (in the class) and not "wait"(on the waitlist). 

  • The classes are first come, first serve and spots are filled when payments are processed. If you have a camp in your cart and you haven’t made a payment, you are not guaranteed that class.

  • If any of the camps don't reach the minimum number of participants required, the camp may be cancelled.

Camps Offered

Preschool Morning: A mixture of gymnastics with other indoor and outdoor, on-site activities. Please send a snack with your child (nut-free). Born in 2015 & 2016

School Age Morning: 3 hours of gymnastics with a short snack break in the middle. Please send a snack with your child (nut-free). Born in 2014 or before.

School Age Full Day: 3 hours of gymnastics, a lunch break and off-site, afternoon activities. Please send a lunch and snacks with your child (nut-free).  Born in 2014 or before

*All Camps - Please bring your child no earlier than 8:50am, stay with them until their camp begins and be back to pick them up at least 5 minutes before their camp ends.

(902) 453-2582


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