Important Information To Know Before Starting


*Policies and Procedure are subject to change and are updated based on provincial restrictions*

Parking: Parking for Alta members is in the back parking lot, behind the gym. The front parking lot is for St. Andrews participants only and all other cars will be ticketed and/or towed. 
What to Wear: Comfortable gym wear. Shorts, sweatpants or leggings and a t-shirt, or bodysuits for girls if they want. Bare feet please. Socks can be slippery on the equipment. No jewelry.
Hair: Long hair must be tied up. Please make sure to do this ahead of class.
Washroom: Children must ask their coach when they need to use the washroom. We never say no, but need to know where they are at all times. There are washrooms located under the stairwell and also upstairs. Preschoolers will be sent to their parents for washroom use as the downstairs washroom doors are heavy for them to use and they may also need parental assistance. 
Behaviour: Gymnasts must follow the coach's instructions and be respectful of all other children and the instructors. Children who are disruptive to the program or put the safety of themselves or others at risk may be asked to withdraw. 
Skill Review: The first few classes of each session will be a review for children who have been in the program before. New participants will be introduced to the basics - skills, terminology, circuits, etc.
Water Bottles: Bring a labelled, non-spill water bottle if the gymnast would like a drink during the class (water only please). The water fountain is not available at this time.
Peanut Smart: We are a peanut smart facility. Please do not bring any foods that contain peanuts.
Cancellations: If there is a class cancellation, you will receive an email with cancellation information. We will also try to update our website and voicemail (902-453-2582) as quickly as possible.
Photography: No flash photography for the safety of our gymnasts.
Directions: For those of you that are new to Alta, we are located at 3360 Barnstead Lane. Bayers Road outbound, a very quick right after Romans Ave. 
-1 guardian per participant is allowed in the waiting area (no siblings)
-Anyone entering the facility will be required to wear a mask. Guardians must wear a mask at all times (no food or drinks allowed). Do NOT enter our facility if you have any symptoms of Covid, have travelled outside of Nova Scotia in the past 14 days or have been exposed to a known Covid case.
-Gymnasts are required to wear a mask in the common areas (entering/exiting and upstairs washrooms). Gymnasts are strongly encouraged to wear a mask during their class but it is not required.
-You will be permitted into the facility 5 minutes before your child's class time. Please wait outside on the sidewalk/grass, keeping distanced until the sign on the door indicates you may enter. You will not be permitted into the facility prior to this due to traffic flow, facility numbers and cleaning measures.
-Please keep distanced between you and the family in front of you.
-Upon entering, please use the hand sanitizer (at the entry and several upstairs). Chairs have been distanced and anyone waiting in the facility during their child's class is to remain seated in a chair in their designated space. An email will be sent to all classes that have a designated seating arrangement before the first class. There will be no standing up against the windows/ledge. 
-When you arrive, go to your assigned seating area. Gymnasts remove outdoor clothing and footwear and wait next to your chair until called by their coach. Gymnasts will need to wear their masks down into the gym.
During Class:
- Parents of preschoolers and minis must stay for the duration of the class.
- Please be respectful of others, and week to week, change seats to allow others a chance to have better visual access to the gym.
-Guardians who are disruptive to the program or put the safety of others at risk will be asked to withdraw their child from the program.
-We will dismiss classes with a bit of spacing between to allow "bubbles" to stay separated. Children will be sent up the stairs they came down. Please be ready for your child and leave the facility in a timely fashion.
-Children MUST be picked up on time. We do not have extra staff available to monitor them outside of class time and staff will be cleaning the facility between classes.
- Once children are dismissed, guardians will be responsible for the gymnasts. We tell children not to go outside without their guardians. If you make other arrangements, you are responsible for the gymnast's safety from the time that their class is over.​
- As you exit the mezzanine, please be careful on the stairwell, especially when it is busy and wet.